This is me

My name is


My purpose

Help people to feel better emotionally and intellectually.


- I have more than 500 hours accompanying people in their duels.

- I'm a pedagogue graduated from UNAM.

- I'm a coach trained by Reencuadre company.

- I'm a born philosopher, passionate about knowledge.



Shadow on Concrete Wall


Joy Frame

"He's an excellent person. Comprehensive, interesting and friendly, he helps you a lot to express yourself freely. Try and find a way to understand yourself. Very professional, very good."

Diana Ollin

"I could see that my concern for my ex was centered on my lack of clear objectives. Now I feel like I am another person. Thank you for your support."

Karla rodriguez

"I highly recommend it. I was able to feel understood and heard by someone who didn't even know me. Many of us need people who can listen and guide us."

How to get over your ex

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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Perform your goals in a timely manner without procrastinating

Personalized sessions to help you meet your goals while avoiding procrastination.

Learn to regulate your emotions so they don't dominate you

Personalized online sessions to learn to regulate your emotions.

Just talk

Do you need to talk and just be listened to? Just talk is an online session to listen and understand you.